Collecting Antique Farm Machinery

Buying, restoring old time farm machinery like tractors and antique manure spreaders has become a big hobby in certain parts of the US and Canada. Many baby boomers grew up down on the farm, and want to relive some of their carefree childhood memories by collecting antique wood John Deere tractors, antique new idea manure spreader and other branded antique manure spreaders.

What to Look for In Antique Farm Machinery

Buying an antique or vintage farm machine,like vintage manure spreaders, can be a really great way to break into the very lucrative collecting business. The money you will spend for your collectibles can often be turned around fairly quickly once you have resell your machines.

But you need to look at a few things before you set out to buy any type of old farm machinery, especially antique manure spreaders or tractors.

Adding new pieces of antique farm equipment can make or break a small time collector so the purchasing process is not a something to be taken lightly. If you want to purchase an antique new idea manure spreader or an antique wood John Deere, than you should read following tips to learn what mistakes to avoid when looking for an antique manure spreader for sale.

Mistake # 1 – Not dealing with a collectable manufacturer.

You should only deal in antiques from nationally known makers such as John Deere, International Harvester and Massey Ferguson. By trading in collectables from well known manufacturers you can be sure to have a good line of restoration parts, maintenance manuals and experienced experts who can you with your machine.

Mistake # 2 – Not dealing with a responsible seller or dealer.

The first thing you should do after deciding on what brand you want to collect is to look into the character of the seller or dealer involved in the sales or auction process. Make sure that everyone in the deal is both trustworthy and dependable.

Mistake # 3 – Not doing your homework.

The condition of an antique farm machine is very important since most of these items were and in some case still are the workhorses on almost any size farming operation. With any antique or vintage equipment purchase you need to carefully inspect the condition of the machine itself and all its accessories and attachments. Take along a more experienced collector, if you aren’t certain how to do it yourself.

Mistake # 4 – Not checking for missing parts.

The next thing you need to investigate is if the machine is complete or not. Since many farm machines are often misused or abused, you need know if it works or not, and whether or not it’s missing any major manure spreader parts. No matter how good a deal it may seem, it’s no bargain if you are going to spend thousands and thousands in cash just to hunt down impossible to find parts.

By following the steps above you should be able to start a nice collection of antique manure spreaders and other machines without going broke.